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We can identify any issues with your email account. Once these issues are identified, you will be advised on how you can prevent such problems in the future. We can check your computer and network connections, your email software or web browser for issues and errors, and can even check your email server to see where any problems might arise. Whether you are having trouble sending or receiving email, or if you just need some help organizing, we're here to provide assistance to you. Spyware and viruses attempt new attacks and infections of your computer every day.If your computer has been infected by malware, spyware, a virus, or any other malicious program, let us provide you with thorough in-home computer virus and malware removal. Invasive programs is dangerous for everyone connected to the internet. Viruses, adware, Trojans, ransomware, and other types of malicious code can be downloaded to your computer without your knowledge; but our professionals can quickly eliminate the problems caused by these unwanted programs. We perform home computer networking services quickly and efficiently, coming to your home or office and getting you online as fast as possible. We can set up and properly configure a secure wireless network and advise you on how best to protect your important personal data. When we set up a wireless network we always use the highest level of encryption possible. We also check and see if other wireless networks may be causing interferance on your channel
Over the past two decades we have fixed and sold a lot of electronic devices. Through the course of these tasks, we have developed a uniquely specialized set of skills that can provide a benefit to our customers when they need our help or assistance. These include:
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When your old system is no longer performing efficiently and you purchase a new system and need assistance setting it up for the first time, our experts can help. We can set up a new computer, tablet, phone, television or computer peripheral. Software installation and preferences configurationWe include: File transfer and data migration.Removal of unwanted programs – bloatware, trial programs, software demos etc.,Organization of cords and peripherals, Printer and file sharing and any other service your computer might need.