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Computer Upgraders

At Computer Upgraders, we still build our own desktop computers, gaming computers, and server systems

that are customized for each client. If you’re looking for a new computer, you can choose from a selection

of pre-built desktops or let us custom build one just for you! We use the best parts available to build our

computers which ensures the longest life span and best reliability, all while staying competitively priced.

Computer Sales

Standard PC Systems  for home-use such as creating documents, composing emails, internet browsing, watching videos and more! Business User Desktops Small to Medium Sized  business workstations to keep your employees  productive! Custom Gaming PC’s We build PCs that are ready to make your game faster than ever before. Come by and let us build the machine of your dreams Custom Built Desktops  We build our own computers in-house so we can design the perfect computer to fit your needs. If you want to edit photos and videos or            watch movies in 4K we can              build it for you. All-In-One Computers Want to get rid of all the cables and wires? An All-In- One system can with 2 cables for the whole system. Laptops  We stock a variety of laptops for home or business use. If we don't have it we can get it in a few business days. We also carry power adapters and accessories. Custom Servers We build our own servers in-house to offer powerful scalable servers. If you need a server for your office,  we’ve got you covered!