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Commercial Onsite Services

  Network Wiring & Cabling Network cabling and wiring systems rely on a structured cable system working together. The omponents of a cabling system include: patch panels for switching functions between router for incoming and outgoing lines, horizontal cables for in-wall installation, and patch cables to connect stand alone computers to outlets and outlets to wiring closets. For housing and storage of network wiring systems, products such as cable troughs, wireways, enclosure cables, rack accessories, and cabling cabinets are also installed. These components protect the wiring and equipment from dust, dirt, water, and oil while simplifying cable management. Computer Upgraders offers a wide range of network wiring products and services needed to design and build an IT infrastructure that will serve your strategic business needs for years to come. SERVER CONFIGURATION & SECURITY When setting up infrastructure, getting your applications up and running will be our primary concern. However, just making sure your applications will function properly without addressing the security of your infrastructure could have devastating consequences later for your network. A firewall is a piece of software (or hardware) that controls what services are exposed to the network. This means blocking or restricting access to every port except for those that should be publicly available. HARDWARE & SOFTWARE INSTALLATION The operating system of your computer is an important factor to be considered when we install any new software requested to be added to your system. It is the base program, which is designed to manage the hardware and software resources in your computer. Before we install any software, we examine the configuration of your computer, and compare it to the system requirements of the software. The configuration of your computer must match the requirements of the software to be installed. With fast evolving technology, computer hardware must frequently be upgraded, and many newer and better solutions are available each passing day. There are two different types of computer hardware. Most computer software and hardware installation can be carried out with the some basic knowledge of computers. But many folks feel they have this knowledge and sometimes do more damage than good when attempting to make changes to the operating system. If an installation procedure seems too complicated, you should ask the professionals at Computer Upgraders to install or assist you with the installation in order to assure optimal performance after the install and avoid potential problems in the future. Network Maintenance and Security Our advanced technology in our network systems often incur the same problems as any other machine. But even with cutting-edge computers, the underlying fact is that these systems are complex collections of machines performing millions of calculations. In addition, networks are required to protect your valuable data from human error, viruses and spyware. For this reason, your network and the data it contains is likely your most valuable asset. Computer Upgraders has the expertise to develop the most effective and affordable method of maintaining and securing your networks.
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Wireless and Wired Networking Computer networks for the home and small business can be built using either wired or wireless technology. Computer Upgraders is proficient in setting up types of these networks, addressing the best solution for each individual user's needs. Wired Ethernet has been the traditional choice in homes, but Wi-Fi and other wireless options have become more popular. For businesses that are expanding their technology, Computer Upgraders will evaluate and make recommendations of the best solutions depending on the specific needs of your business. Networking not only your computers but also connecting all your devices such as copiers, printers, scanners, and any other devices connecting within your network.
Office Set-Up & Installation Services
Computer Upgraders doesn't limit our installation services to computer systems, communication and network infrastructure. We can install and configure any IT solutions including software, data storage, cloud computing solutions and many other new technologies. Our emphasis on customer care ensures we provide post- installation training with support and maintenance service standard for all the products and IT solutions we supply. The technicians, project managers and training instructors at Computer Upgraders have extensive experience of IT systems installation and configuration projects for customers of all sizes. Whatever your requirements our technical services team will help deliver personal service for your IT project on a timely basis.