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Got an old laptop or desktop and want to upgrade the hard drive and memory without having to buy a new computer? Or maybe you’re getting rid of an old machine and want to build a new dream machine? Either way, we can provide you with compatible computer parts for the best price. We specialize in all areas of computer hardware, parts, laptops, tablets, and cell phones - with hundreds of products in stock and ready to sell. Computer Upgraders specializes in computer hardware resale, laptop computers parts, and wholesale PC parts to Sumter, Lee and Clarendon Counties in South Carolina. If you aren’t sure which part will be compatible with a motherboard, etc., make sure to check with us before you buy. We can tell you if certain parts are incompatible with each other and save you time and money. The people in our store actually understand tech, so you can ask them questions and we will be able to answer them.
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